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This list of frequently asked questions and tutorial are meant to help you as a teacher/faculty user of Cursive.

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How’s this work? 

How it works

Does it work with only one writing session?

It takes only a single session for students to get started. Any subsequent submission will start providing a TypeID (confidence that the writer is consistent) the first session establishes your student’s TypeID which will be used in all subsequent analysis

How much do students need to write to establish a strong TypeID

About 200 words (a third of a typed page, shorter than the Gettysburg Address) gives us the best initial dataset. To a student, this takes about 5-10 minutes depending on the prompt you use to capture the initial information. Self-reflection prompts, goal setting, or overviews of known information are all easy ways to solicit the initial information in an easy, low effort task (note that subsequent student submissions can be shorter, but you should still aim for at least 100 words).

Can students use their phones to input?

While we have not blocked input by phones and students can write and save text created on a phone, a TypeID will not be generated. Keyboard input from a laptop or desktop are recommended.