How it works

We’ve worked to develop a simple tool that provides “continuous authorship” (otherwise known as “continuous authentication”): using data collected during the writing process we’ve collected and trained a machine learning model that can consistently identify a student across their submissions.

If you’re interested in reading about the technical development, read more here.

While our initial beta has a limited feature set (below), there are a few use cases that we think can help you in the classroom: take home exams, essays of 1-2 pages, written homework, though we’re certain that many educators will find additional uses for it.

The best uses of the beta will start with a student writing session where you can easily verify your students using the system, for example, a short in class writing session (we do not include any proctoring features like photo capture which could provide an initial remote verification process).


  • Google authentication (no passwords required)
  • Faculty users can create courses and assignments
  • Set your own assignment titles, descriptions, and word count minimums
  • Easy shareable link which enrolls and assigns students activities automatically once they click on it (this can be posted in your existing online course in Moodle or Canvas)
  • TypeID and “copy behavior” scores
  • Real time session and progress data for each assignment
  • Student facing online text editor is clean and easy to use (copy-paste is currently disabled)

Student UX