Non-invasive, biometric verification for academic integrity in Moodle

Within seconds, our innovative AI technology allows instructors to accurately authenticate and verify student enrollment, participation, and writing in their online courses. Just as easy as tracking attendance.

We integrate keyboard, facial, and audio biometrics with machine learning to reliably determine which students are truly enrolled in your class, submitting assignments, and completing assessments, all for a price less than a single proctoring session.

Upon entering, users will be prompted to register by scanning their face and voice that will be entered in the system (45 seconds), thereafter students are prepped to authenticate to any writing process where continuous authentication provides true author verification.

Continuous Author Authentication

By focusing on the writing process, we verify students using manual input from a standard QWERTY keyboard. By focusing on writing, we help teachers understand more about student writing skills.

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Reliable Audio Recognition

Audio recognition is easily captured as a secondary authentication model for students who may be camera shy. A great backup option in lieu of camera issues or low lighting.

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Secure Facial Recognition

AI/ML facial recognition is performed in seconds with student acknowledgement and can provide continuous automated proctoring for any high stakes quiz or exam.

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Teachers can choose the level of integrity checking across the assignments in their courses. Continuous authentication in writing for discussions, online text, and quiz essay questions can be augmented with facial or voice recognition to easily add additional levels of integrity and authentication to quizzes and exams. With MCID and Cursive your Moodle site and course are fully covered all semester for less than the cost of a single proctoring session.