We Reward Effort

Your effort has value. Activate to win.

We’re trying something radical: rewarding your effort in the writing process with feedback and prizes.

Our app is a cross between Strava and Grammarly, quantifying your work and effort in an easy to use way, while also providing rewards and perks.

How does it work:

  1. install our Chrome browser extension
  2. login
  3. add Google Docs.

That’s it (see the video below for more info).

Why help us out?

Initially (December ’23), we’re looking for testers to give us direct feedback (paid interviews). Starting in early January our goal is to provide you access to your own stats, tips to improve your writing practice, and entries for weekly prizes to local businesses in College Park (UMD) and Greenville (Furman).

How to install and activate the Cursive Recorder – Click to watch the Video

Meet our Interns

Grayson Hoffman
Furman Unversity

MJ Moonjelly
Computer Engineering

Lance Uymatiao
CS and Philosophy

Questions: Get in touch

Shoot me an email @ joe at cursivetechnology.com

Writing Prompts

What is your favorite holiday tradition?

What do you collect?

How do you foster collaboration?