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We’re enabling teachers and students to show ‘proof of effort’ for writing in the classroom and bringing authorship back to the forefront.

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100% Accurate

We focus on the process, not the product

Writing is an active process via a computer interface, Cursive captures 100s of data points compared to a standard learning management system that verifies and quantifies proof of effort.

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Authorship and Analytics

We serve actionable data from our ML & AI Models

Cursive verifies individual authorship session to session. Our machine learning model provides actionable insights to student writing, removing guesswork and identifying students in need.

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Be confident in your student’s writing skills.

Cursive uncovers a student’s true writing skills, evidenced through their own thoughts and efforts. Our tools verify student authorship while providing you actionable insights to their writing process.

Pricing & Plans

Our pricing structure is built to be affordable for everyone from a single class to the largest eduational organization.



Learning management system integration only

— Ad hoc tools
— Help Documentation
— Limited support

Single Site
Custom or Self-hosted

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Large orgs, systems, or districts

— Custom integrations
— Custom ML and Training
— Dedicated support

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We’re building a community of practice, all in support of writing.