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  • What do students say about Writing in Cursive? 

    Cursive Launch Webinar: You’re invited. 10/18 @ 3pm EST Last year, when I was just beginning to think about authorship verification, I was a student at the University of Maryland’s Smith School of Business. As a student, a few things were clear:  While designing a new tool for authorship, understanding the student perspective has always… Read more

  • Why we chose Moodle as our first Integration

    Cursive Launch Webinar: You’re invited. 10/18 @ 3pm EST I’ve been using the Moodle Learning Management System (Moodle LMS) since 2007 when I started learning the ins and outs of site administration, course development, and extending the already powerful LMS with additional community and commercial plugins. Over the last decade and a half I’ve worked… Read more

  • 3 Key Features that Set Cursive Apart

    Cursive Launch Webinar: You’re invited. 10/18 @ 3pm EST Academic integrity tools for plagiarism detection offer various features to teachers and students using their products.  I’ve tried, demoed, and used dozens of plagiarism detection tools over the last 15 years, administering a large-scale online English Composition course. From this review, I think that the main… Read more

  • An Ode to the Keyboard

    Rethinking Authorship in the AI-era The Keyboard Cursive Launch Webinar: You’re invited. 10/18 @ 3pm EST The qwerty keyboard has been around since 1866, invented to uniformly and efficiently share information and data; it became the device of choice for interacting with computers once punch cards went out of vogue in the 1960s. Its connection… Read more

  • Writing in Cursive

    Writing in Cursive

    The most important thing about Cursive is that you, as a writer, know whether it’s working for your account. Our extension provides you near real time transparency for your session data. We want students and writers to know that the authorship verification is working correctly for every typing style (if you are having trouble getting… Read more

  • Word Document Anonymity: Features (or Lack thereof) for Academic Integrity

    This post was a collaboration by Joseph Thibault, Founder of Cursive Technology, Rahul Marri, Cybersecurity professional, and ChatGPT (July 20, 2023 version) for some readability enhancements. Introduction Imagine this classroom scenario: a student has submitted a Word document to the online classroom submission area. The tone is professional, the content exemplary, the grammar and mechanics… Read more