Best Practices for Academic Integrity Infographic (Classroom Level)

Part 1 (Institutional Level)

Part 2 (Department Level)

Part 3 (Classroom Level): The frontline of Academic Integrity falls to faculty, teachers, and students in the classroom assigning work, submitting assignments, evaluating, and participating in the day-to-day requirements of high school and higher education.

Faculty bear the burden of proactively teaching and reaffirming the institutional and departmental policies of the institution. Of layering their own fair and objective policies to further promote and protect Academic Integrity, and in the worst cases, are forced to play detective to identify, research, and report these issues to any existing apparatus for enforcement. Each semester, in any classroom with an academic integrity violation (or even the accusation of one), these issues cause stress, take time, and no doubt detract from the teaching and learning experience.

If you’re looking for activities and ideas to promote Academic Integrity in the classroom, check out the infographic below (the full PDF is available by clicking on the picture).

Our faculty and teaching staff deserve a huge thanks for their efforts in maintaining and promoting Academic Integrity. Thank you, sincerely.

Click the image to download our full PDF, and share it!

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