Free Infographic: “Best Practices for Academic Integrity”

I value every conversation that I had with the teachers and staff that contributed to the list of tips, tricks, policies, and activities that we can do to create a culture of integrity in the classroom. So to each of the interviewees, and the many excellent articles online, thank you.

This Infographic is a little gift back to the community, we (royal we) hope you like it.

Click here to download our full PDF, and share it!

Bonus: A list of Contract Cheating sites to Blacklist

Caveat: “best practice” suggests that this is a definitive and “final draft” list of things that institutions, departments, and individual faculty and staff can do to promote academic integrity. In the words of Adam Grant, “

people often become attached to best practices. The risk is that once we’ve declared a routine the best, it becomes frozen in time. We preach about its virtues and stop questioning its vices, no longer curious about where it’s imperfect and where it could improve.

Adam Grant, Think Again: the Power of Knowing What You Don’t Know

This is really just a starting point for discussion. As we’ve seen in the last month or so, things change fast, especially when technology like AI is involved. So join me in this evolving discussion of how we can create an ever-better environment for integrity in the classroom.

Some great additional reading and sources:

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