Journaling Exercise (complete one for weekly emails)

To facilitate continuous testing and the introduction of new features we’ve been posting weekly journaling exercises with quick prompts for participants. In a student setting, these low risk, low effort tasks help to get students writing similar to impromptus or other open ended prompts.

I’ve had a fun time reflecting on how I might spend $1mm, how I get over anxiety, why we love our pets, and other reflection activities.

The goal, however, was to make sure that the biometric signature captured through typing (TypeID) was continuing to work as expected and to stress test it by using other devices. Now, those who complete the prompts will immediately see the TypeID score and we’ll be adding any participants to a weekly email with additional prompts (optional).

If you’re interested in seeing the text editor and TypeID display in action, here’s your chance:

Week 1 – One Million Dollars

Week 2 – Encouragement

Week 3 – Nerves

Week 4 – New Opportunities

To get “Week n” by email, just complete any of the above.

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