March update and getting started

Welcome, we’re glad you’re here! To give things a try, click at least Assignment 1 and one of the other options (you’ll need to click at least two links on this page for us to get a confidence score).

Assignment 1

Assignment 2a (copy behavior)

Assignment 2b (additional prompt)

Assignment 2c (try to mess up your TypeID)

What you’ll see in the above is strictly the student view of the system, an easy to use, hard to mess up writing space. Teachers get all the responses/submissions, the ability to see session information, word counts, and two of our machine learning outputs:

In our view, current use cases include: take home exams, short essays, weekly reflections, and more.

Below is what the teacher sees for just a single student, let me show you:

We actually don’t get 100% confidence, that’s rounding up from 99.5-99.9% (we’re fixing this next release)
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