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The most important thing about Cursive is that you, as a writer, know whether it’s working for your account. Our extension provides you near real time transparency for your session data.

We want students and writers to know that the authorship verification is working correctly for every typing style (if you are having trouble getting green checks, let us know, we have tips).

How to verify your authorship in Cursive:

  1. Register at demo.cursivetechnology.com using the email sign up or by logging in with Google.
  2. Click “Home” and then click to enroll yourself in Cursive Demo
  3. Write two 100 word sessions (free write 1 and 2).

It does not matter what you write about (the weather or your weekend plans is sufficient). Writing two or more sessions will let you verify that 1) it’s working and 2) it’s working for you, specifically.

Once you complete the sessions, wait until the next quarter hour mark1, then click your initials in the top right, then profile, then look for “writing” under reports.

If it’s working, you’ll see something like the below (Green = Success!)

  1. the automated task manager sends data every 15 minutes on the quarter hour, it works best if you have completed your sessions in the intervening minutes, not straddling the 15 minute mark. ↩︎
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